In these weird days (quarantine wise), you don’t just sit at home and suddenly decide where to have your brunch. You have to go through a bunch of checks, double checks and rechecks of what type of food you want to have, is the place safe, is it far, hows the service, etc. and most of the time, if you are a foodie or if you have specific preferences regarding a place, it’s hard to decide.

But not to drag you along, I recently visited Amigos Ljubljanska, and here is what to expect from this restaurant.

1. First Impression
A few days ago, I got hit by an Advert from Amigos Restaurant on Instagram, and my first reaction was, here we go again. If you know me well, you know that I hate when businesses over-sell their product with false advertising I quickly checked their Facebook Page and decided to have a brunch there.

2. Location
Right outside City Mall Shopping Centre on the left corner, there is an attractive door entrance painted in yellow which to me was kind of inviting, I liked it. I was welcomed by a staff member which asked me where I would like to be sited, very nice!

The interior is smooth and satisfying to the eyes. You can see the kitchen almost from any spot in the restaurant, it gives you comfort. The smooth music, its well-air conditioned, and has a nice view due to top to bottom glass windows making me feel calm. The view itself it’s not much but gives great lighting which I liked.

I took my time to look around and I liked what I saw, observed for a few minutes, and asked for…

3. The Menu
Nothing fancy, printed papers which I think is ok but not very environmentally friendly. They have to print a lot of those, but having COVID-19 in mind I think maybe it’s the best approach. I also hate one-page menus because they are trying to fit a lot of stuff in such a small space and it’s hard to read. They are also using QR for the web menu.

Ok not to be a hater, the breakfast menu was short and easy, and right off the top, I knew what I wanted, The Eggs Benedict. I forgot to mention, my brother was with me so he went with the lunch menu and decided on the quesadilla.

For me, it’s more about quality rather than quantity and, the overall menu impression is that is a bit lengthy but well balanced. It’s not easy at all to do this type of balance when Mexico has a lot to offer. Kudos to the Chef!

4. The Service
The service starts when you enter the restaurant and the staff were very professional, responsive, and friendly. They knew the menu and were able to suggest meals without hesitation. I love that, it gives confidence to the guests.

You don’t see smiling people very often these days and the staff are very pleasant right from the beginning, I was welcomed, seated and even had a very pleasant conversation with the waiters which made sure everything was in order. Nice job!

5. The Food
OK back to the main topic, the food. I love it when my skepticism is put to rest with the perfect meal so here are my notes:

The Guacamole. The Chef did an outstanding job, it was perfectly balanced from every aspect, fresh, not too sour, and had just enough spiciness. The only thing that was missing was coriander, which gives that final touch to perfect guacamole. The nachos were crispy and not oily, NICE!

After the snacks, the first course of the meal (The Eggs Benedict) was ready right on time.

The Eggs Benedict. The way the eggs were amazing and they were cooked perfectly. Still, I have to go with 4 stars because to me it was missing the Mexican flavors on the eggs. What I would suggest to improve this is that I would serve the eggs with Chipotle Hollandaise instead of a regular one, alongside some chorizo.

For the second course, we had the Quesadilla and Tacos “Carnitas”

The Quesadilla was fantastic, it had enough chicken and just the exact amount of cheese. They tasted excellent and I enjoy them.

The Tacos were also outstanding. The pork was crispy and very tasty, and the whole combinations were just perfect, it had diced onion, a bit of red kidney beans puree, and a touch of lime juice.

The Verdict
Food: ****
Service: ****
Ambient: ****

Final thoughts: it’s definitely worth checking. I personally will be going back to check on their dinner menu.

So, what do you think about Amigos Restaurant, and what other places you think I should check?

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